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ÅGOT用丹麥語發音,音同all good!我們希望透過課程設計與認證制度,讓企業與人才一起提升價值,一起All Good! 20年來,奧谷特CEO邱詩瑜持續在禮儀領域深耕,摒棄傳統教條、敷衍的模式,堅持禮儀教育的核心應結合組織文化,讓人才發自內心的服務。2014年,更導入丹麥哥本哈根商學院(Copenhagen Business School)的企業聲譽管理(Reputation Management),建立一套更符合企業培養人才所需,塑造企業對客戶整體形象的方案。


For the past 20 years, ÅGOT CEO – Sylvia Chyu has emphasized the importance of etiquette, relinquishing traditional concepts and pretentious models, insisting the core of etiquette education be integrated into organizational cultures so as to encourage talent to provide service from deep within their hearts.

In 2014, Reputation Management of the Copenhagen Business School was implemented to establish a solution which better meets the business’s talent cultivation and overall client image needs.

ÅGOT 目前在全世界已經與5,000個以上的教育機構合作認證,總共有70,000個小時的訓練課程,以及300,000 位專業的訓練師片及各地。

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International Learning Palace

Northern Europe is the hometown of Nobel Prize founder. It is also well-known for its top-ranking education from children to adults as well as the entrepreneurship education for various professionals. Meanwhile, its high respects of education are reflected in the result on global talent competitiveness, high value-added industries, and an average of GDP up to US$ 65,000 in the region. In Northern Europe, the weekly working hours is relatively short whereas the wages is high on the top. The enterprises therefore think highly on the talent training to assure the high efficiency and output value brought to the operation.

ÅGOT is the only international institution that specializes in certification of talent education around the globe, gathering global experts and Nobel Laureates to build an international learning palace. High-level academic background with more than 20 years of practical teaching experience has been the great advantage of ÅGOT to express innovative education experience from Northern Europe to the World, assisting more than 300, 000 students with their certification. ÅGOT program is cloud-managed and provided with distance video courses and international certification worldwide. ÅGOT is the model for innovative education / training and global certification in the upcoming era.

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