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Tea Plantation

About Our Tea


Jiugong Tea is the ultimate source of premium Taiwan tea leaves, that aims to provide organic, handpicked tea leaves from farm to teapot.




Romanesco Cauliflower

100% Natural

All-natural ingredients in our teas to give you fantastic flavours and aromas you can enjoy the Taiwanese way.



Handpicked from our organic tea farm in Taiwan. We harvest and sell the best tea leaves from our farm, no cheap blends guarantee.

Tea Set


We aim to provide quality tea leaves at the best possible prices by removing the middleman fee, this is  a farm that belongs to us. 

Japanese Tea


Our endeavour is to bring you tea as fresh as possible from farm to packaging.

Brand Story

1983: How it all started
JiuGong and tea farmer Li Tiangui started their tea business together and embarked their journey on tea species and cultivation study. In the 1980s, tea art and tea ceremony were all the rage in Taiwan. With the vision to promote Taiwanese culture through tea houses, Jiugong opened their first tea house in Taipei, named “The Door of Dragons”.

1985: Charcoal Fermentation
In 1985, the teahouse was renamed “Shi Li Po” (10 Miles). The two founders came up with the idea of roasting Baozhong tea with charcoal fire and put it in a jar for fermentation. This special aged tea was named “Longevity” and “Immortality”. Its special taste, unique aroma, and detoxification benefit attract many overseas tea lovers visiting "Shi Li Po" (10 Miles).

1989: Expansion
In 1989, the trend of drinking tea in Taiwan became popular, and over a ton of tea leaves was consumed in one single season."Shi Li Po" opened its second teahouse and named it “Cai Zhu” (The Wealth ,;’). "The Wealth" operated 24/7 at the time, and there was always a long queue at 2 AM. At this time, Li Tiangui gradually handed over tea farmers to the second generation of Li Guohui.

1990: Combine with Chinese Culture
Because of the booming business of “The Wealth”, Jiugong decided to open a third branch in 1990 and named it "Lao Ye Tea House". After the opening of the third branch, Jiugong dedicated itself in promoting Chinese / Taiwanese culture by holding tea lectures and training sessions. 

Today: B2B Leader
Till today, Jiugong’s tea business is more focused on B2B and wholesale sectors. It is still available online and in-stores. 

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Aged Amber Oolong


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Formosa Honey Black Tea


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Flakelet Oolong


Tea Leaves

Spring Baozhong Tea


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